Thanks to the development in science and technology, the use of internet has grown on a large scale all over the world. However, have you ever thought of how such excess use of the internet affects kids? If not, then you must get alert as this could be one of the reasons for your child’s slow growth? So how does it matter if your kid surfs the net all the time. You must have seen that with the increase in Internet usage, the use of online games has also increased more among kids. Though gambling has become legal in many countries but live gambling is still not legal in few countries. One of such games which is live poker which has also come online. To play online poker games is safe for adults. However, for kids, certainly it is of the risky thing.

 There are many companies that publish on their website some of their popular online poker games which are not restricted to any age. Hence kids, tend to learn such games and understand the strategy of playing. Certainly gambling is one of the addictive games for which you need to be aware. If your kids get addicted to it, then he might spare himself from social life. His life of natural world will have a slow death and he would become one of the rigid persons with not much social interaction with others.

 However there are many other good games that offer education and knowledge and contribute to the kids' growth. Make your kid play such games instead of pushing them in the world of gambling. This would certainly affect their personal and social life and can harm them in many ways. So beware. Have a look at what your kid does on the internet and stop him from playing such games at least at such a tender age where he cannot distinguish between control and temptation. Try to get a parental lock on such websites so that your kid would never surf them even by mistake. Certainly such type of games will not harm your kid physically but his mental growth would get hampered.