Yes, you heard it right. Though internet has developed on a large scale and has been showing lots if improvement these days, it has been noted down that online games play a dominant role in today’s life. In this sedentary lifestyle, where stress and lack of sleep has been affecting people in bad ways, it is games that proved to be a stress buster. But have you really thought about whether such type of gaming is good for health? Certainly the answer is no. If one person gets addicted to it, there are many issues that he might face. Lack of social awareness, restriction, rigidity, changes in thinking level, no interaction and many more are the side effects. It is more like separating yourself from the whole world. Certainly it is not a right sign.

If you are playing for quite a long time, then think twice are you actually playing or getting addicted towards playing this game? Though the virtual world may seem pretty much easier to tackle with as compared to the daily routine stress, however, this is not the real way to get out of your trouble. You need to face your life in a much better manner rather than getting yourself simply into these. Along with slow mental growth, it may also lead to lack of physical growth as well. Stress on the eyes, obesity, no muscle movement, no bone exercises are some of the reasons for which you need to avoid playing games online.

Though it seem to be pretty much safer option, but for your kids to grow, they need to be active or for young teens, they need to be present in the social world. As far as adults are concerned, using it as a stress buster is certainly not a right option to go for. So what are you waiting for? It’s high time that you look for the right choices and ensure that you don’t get addicted to it or else, it may prove as one of the life threatening factors in your life for which getting rid of can be troublesome.