Many people are fond of playing slot machines as it allows you to earn more money without putting much effort. However, we should not forget, it is also the easiest method of losing money. Out of ten gamblers only one would win. The only way to escape from the financial loss is to hack the slot machine and change its algorithm. Modern slot machines are the ordinary computer with their own firmware, graphics, game, sound, and method of calculation.

These computerized slot machines have become an easy target for hacker .Various website in the internet offers you many devices that help you to hack the machines, but these devices cannot be relied as they rarely give desired outcomes. To earn in slots one has to access the electronic board and reprogram the internal chip. Hacking the slot machines or in other words gaff as said in slot guide book can be done by experienced programmer or an inside man of the casino.

To crack the machine it is required to introduce a bug in the firmware program of the game. You can fix the bug firmware by a special programming device. After installation of the bug the machine will turn into your obedient servant. The bug in the program or the system gives unpredictable result and makes you earn the desired money. Some of the reliable Bugs available in the market:

1. Bug to get free games (bonus) - It gives out a bonus on any bet.

2. A bug which can make you win a jackpot- the activation bug will display the lines with the maximum characters of jackpot.

3. This is the most common type of bug that allows you to double the credits won, when you run the virus code, the card begin to fall on a particular algorithm, known by user who installed it.