Bonus provides added benefit in online casino games, especially when you are a beginner. If you do not know about the different kind of bonus available then you will never be able to take advantage of it and turn the game on your side in order to win. Bonus is of many types and before you register into a website you must collect all the information so that you do not miss out on any kind of advantage.

Online casino provides bonus at various stages. Some are given to players when they register, some are regular and some are given on casual basis. Since bonuses are also defined as a source of winning the game thus you must also know how to use it when planning strategy. Here are the different kinds of bonus that online casinos provide.

1. Welcome bonus is also known as sign up advantage given to players when they join new. These are basically promotional offers provided by websites and thus they may differ from one to another. You must always check if the websites offer welcome bonus before signing up. The amount of bonus provided to the players is also decided by the operators. You can also call them as promotional bonus because they are given to players just to make them sign to their site. Like here for example:

2. Loyalty bonus is given to players who have been playing through a particular site for an extended period of time. In other words this type of bonus is usually provided by websites to their privileged players. This kind of bonus can also be called award, prize or gift.

3. Some websites offer bonus on payment mode. For example if you are planning to transfer money using electronic wallet service or credit card then a bonus is offered. This is usually decided by the website owners and the amount varies from one casino to the other.

4. Daily, monthly or weekly bonus allows players to participate in any kind of tournament and save money. These bonuses can of any type and sometime they come in form of entry ticket to enter the tournament.

5. No deposit bonus is usually a small amount of money which helps the players to start off with the game. So for example, if you play with 75-Ball Pattern Bingo, which is a great version of the online bingo game, you can get great bonus to get you going while enjoying a cool online game.

There is a growing trend in Australia among those who play casino games at sites like the All Slots Casino is to play classic games like baccarat online. It’s not that people no longer like pokies. It’s just that they prefer some variety in the games.

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