Though a leisurely pass time which is prone to taking a lot of flak, gambling has been responsible for some rather incredible and positive occurrences. It is a sad reality that the bad almost always conquers the good when it comes to word of mouth, not to mention news headlines. The opinion of most individuals involved on a regular basis with gambling is that it is not deserving of the level of criticism it receives, rather that it is just very easy to criticise for one reason or another. Condemned most commonly by those who have never partaken in the pursuit, or contrarily by those who got in too deep, gambling can result in good things happening, besides instant wealth.

In the wonderful world of big business, some would say that gambling happens every day. Though this is somewhat a convoluted claim, to an extent it can be consistently proven true. Take for example, the story of FedEx founder Fred Smith.

Faced with a huge fuel bill ($24,000) way back at his company’s formation in 1973, though only $5,000 in the FedEx accounts to pay it, Mr Smith made a choice which would cement his future as a very wealthy man indeed. Instead of admitting defeat and filing for bankruptcy as many others no doubt would have, Fred ventured out to the nearby casino and wagered the $5,000 on the Blackjack table. Within an hour or two, he had enough to pay his employees and the pesky fuel bill.

While this is far from being proof that gambling is a viable option each and every time, it certainly does outline how the pursuit can come into play when forging the destiny of certain individuals. Currently, Forbes estimate that Fred Smith is worth $2Billion. Yes, billion with a b. It just goes to show – he who dares does win! At least some of the time…

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