Roulette is a game of numbers in the gambling world. With the birth of internet roulette has become very popular. Some play the game for entertainment whereas the others want to earn big money. The desire of earning money makes people cheat. Cheating is not easy, it is also illegal, but if you are able to practice the skill then you will find yourself winning the game.

One of the most important things everyone must know, is cheating does not work in the game of roulette. Firstly, cheating in the game of roulette is not very easy. It needs practice because you must know what you are planning and if the technique is correct to bring in winning edge. Moreover, in the game of roulette there is a high chance that you will be caught while cheating, even if you are an expert. If you wish to be successful in the game then be smart, and smartness does not come with cheating. There are many players who are expert and are known for cheating.

Richard Marcus is the most famous cheater in the game of roulette. Richard initially believed that cheating was impossible in the game of roulette but slowly with practice he learn the trick and wrote many books on the subject.

Joe Classon, Charles Wells, and Duke Wilson are also great players who used various techniques of cheating in the game of roulette, in order to be successful. They knew how the dealers were controlling ball and placed their bet accordingly.

All the famous roulette cheaters will keep their success story a secret because they would always want to stand out in the field. But cheating in the game of roulette is bad. It is also considered as illegal in the field of casino. So it is better not to use the tricks and play in a straight way.