Las Vegas, the mecca of gamblers has an elaborate history of gambling industry. Las Vegas is known for welcoming hedonists with open arms and one of the most popular forms of entertainment it offers is gambling. Which was once a barren desert is now the world’s most popular and sought after gambling destination. Fondly known as the Sin City of America, it offers all sorts of entertainment to people dropping in from different parts of the world.

With the casinos generating a large amount of revenue contributing to the steady economic growth of the city, Las Vegas alone houses 100+ casinos in USA. In fact, Nevada was the first state to have got gambling legalized in United States of America. The El Rancho is the first casino in Las Vegas which was established in the year 1941. Right from its inception El Rancho began churning out big money and many other casinos opened in Las Vegas following its success. One of the most famous casinos in Las Vegas is the flamingo casino with its distinguished pink iconic flamingo sign marking the limits of the city.

In 1950 Las Vegas witnessed an upsurge of casino resorts offering all sorts of facilities to the tourists related to gambling. The Riviera, The Tropicana and the Sahara were the first 3 and the most popular ones. Las Vegas gradually came to be known as the perfect weekend destination offering loads of entertainment and fun to the visitors. To make it even more distinguishable Betty Willis designed the ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign was mounted in 1959 giving Vegas a completely new identity. Soon it became synonymous with fashion and entertainment.

During the 20th century Las Vegas witnessed many changes in the casino resorts as giant investors came in and rebuilt the structures along with setting up 18 new gambling venues with different themes oozing grandeur. The famous Strip in the outskirts of the city is dedicated to all the popular casino resorts and hotels which include Caesars Palace, Casino Royal Hotel, Flamingo Las Vegas, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and Venetian Casino Resort.  

Today, there are also massive amount of online casinos in and around Las Vegas. Gambling games, casinos, poker and much more. many sites offer the exact same games being offered in Vegas for many years, as well as other sites, that complement the offerings online. if you can't go to Las Vegas, you can always visit the sites online and enjoy the games without leaving your home. .