Poker is a game of card and today you can play casino online anytime, from anywhere, and in a very large number of websites. Poker is considered as the safest game but there are various ways through which you can cheat and win the game in the land based casinos though very difficult when playing online. Would you like to know?

1. Collusion: This is the most common type of cheating where the players sitting on the table share information with each other in order to win. This technique of cheating can be time consuming because if you want to share the information then in that case it has to be done through mobile, Skype or any other messaging program.

2. Multi- Accounting: You can also cheat players by playing through multiple accounts. If you have three accounts and the table is for four players then there is a high chance of you winning the game. This way of cheating is illegal and if you get caught your account will be suspended. To stop fraud the players have to upload their proof of identity before opening the account this makes the technique of cheating through multiple account difficult.

3. Viewing Hole Cards: You can also win poker if you know what card the opponent is holding when betting, but in online poker the information sent by one player is saved directly into the server. Taking out information from the server is difficult until you bribe the dealer managing the server information.

4. Ghosting: Ghosting means passing game advice from one player to another. This type of cheating can only happen when players sit opposite to each other on poker table. While playing online, you can only do this using any free messenger tool like Teamviewer. Though you can use this way of cheating but the result is very limited.

5. Poker Bots: This is a computer program used for playing poker online. This program generally makes decision and enters stakes. You can also cheat by hacking which is impossible. .