Bluffing is an integral part of online Poker. Whether you Play texas holdem or any other poker game, Players often make the mistake of thinking that they have become bluff masters, which is not an easy task to carry on. Here are some tips on how to bluff in poker tournaments and get away with it..

The first thing to find out is whether the table is tight or loose. It is a general rule that a Poker bluff works best when the table is tight. On the other hand a bluff at a loose table can cost you the game unless the players you consider loose have already folded.

You must also take note of the limit being played of the table. In a low limit game, bluff does not produce much result. In a low limit game generally with a buck or two somebody else will call the bluff. The high limit or unlimited games are the best for bluffs.

Now just knowing the table is not enough. You must also know the players on the table. The strong players are easy to be bluffed than the weak ones. The strong players have patience to hold the call until they have strong cards whereas the weak ones just give the game away by calling your bluff since they lack the patience to hold it. Remember not to bluff at huge stacks. They generally have the capability to absorb the loss. On the other hand the short stacks can be broken.

When you bluff, do not forget the purpose for which you are bluffing at the table. The purpose is for everyone to fold. Hence, the less people you bluff, the more is your chance to make it work. Your position during the bluff also matters a lot. Always bluff from a late position. When you find everyone checking, calling or folding, it is the ideal time to buy the pot. Bluffing early can be hard for you without knowing what others have in hand.

Play on your image at the table. It is generally difficult to call someone’s bluff especially those who most often plays good cards. So if people think you are a strong player calling bluff is risky. .